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Fibre Optics in Internet and Technology

The history of fibre optics is longer than you might think. This technology had its earliest beginnings well over a century ago. It has since evolved into a technology that we all use. As laser technology has improved, so has fibre optics, and it has slowly gotten faster and faster. From cell phones to your cable television box to the new, speedy fibre internet available in many homes, fibre optics have improved so much of our lives. From the late 1800s to the current 5th generation of the technology, find all about fibre optics here.

The Technology

The Technology

From the core to the cladder, from the regenerator to the receiver, the technology behind fibre optics is rather simple in theory. Once you know all the parts, it’s easy to understand.



Fibre optics have so many benefits that it is a wonder they are not more popular. Fibre internet is starting to explode. In the future fibre optics will be part of almost every technology.