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How To Know When To Leave Laptop Repair To The Professionals

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Repairing laptops can be tough. There are multiple parts in a computer that can, and do, break on a seemingly random basis. Laptop repair is especially difficult because manufacturers have little room to work with, which leaves little room for repairs. Here are a few signs that will let you know to leave laptop repair to the professionals.

Having Problems with Your Display?

All computers have what’s known as a GPU, or graphics processing unit. On more expensive machines the GPU will be its own part, while on cheaper machines it is built into the processor. The GPU is responsible for taking information, processing it, and displaying it on your screen.

If you’re having problems with your screen (if it’s displaying off colors, zig-zag lines, or if the screen just looks off) there are two potential culprits. The first is the screen itself. Look over the screen and make sure there are no cracks or other signs of damage. If the screen is okay, you have a problem with your GPU.

On a normal desktop computer you could just replace the GPU. However, laptop GPUs are soldered into the motherboard. This makes it impossible for the average person to fix his or her laptop. Having this problem is a sure sign that you need professional help.

USB Ports or Power Port Not Working?

All laptops have ports that are built into the sides of the machine. These ports are responsible for many different things, such as audio, video, data, and power. The port where you plug in the power cord is vulnerable to damage, since it’s large and is often tweaked from the cord being jerked while plugged in.

The USB ports are also prone to damage since they’re used often. USB ports are soldered directly to the motherboard and are not user-serviceable. 

If you’re having problems with either of these ports you’ll need professional help. They’ll be able to take the laptop apart, expose the motherboard, and either replace or repair it.

Computer Not Booting Up?

There are many different reasons why a laptop may not boot up. The battery could be dead, the hard drive could be cracked, or the motherboard could even have a blown capacitor.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to take your laptop into a repair shop and having them diagnose the problem. Look for shops that do free estimates. This way they’ll be able to tell you the problem and you’ll decide if the repair fits in your budget.

Laptops are oftentimes impossible to fix for the average computer user. Let a professional shop take care of your laptop when you’re having problems with your display, ports, or if your computer isn’t booting up. Find out more here.

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