Maximize Your ROI On Your IT Management Automation Through Regular Improvements

Posted by on Jul 20, 2016 in Blog, Technology | Comments Off on Maximize Your ROI On Your IT Management Automation Through Regular Improvements

IT management automation almost always provides a return on investment. However, there are mistakes that are made by organizations that lead to their IT automation not producing as much of a return on investment as it could.  This area of IT needs regular improvements to create a maximum ROI.

Consider What Repetitive Tasks Can Be Automated

IT automation exists to replicate repetitive tasks so that they no longer need to be performed manually. Many of these tasks are so common that they aren’t even noticed, but they cost an organization money, as it is forced to hire more employees and devote time and resources away from repetitive tasks that could instead be directed toward tasks that improve the company’s bottom line.

Understand The Variables And Inputs Needed To Automate A Task

To automate a task, there must be variables or inputs that are entered in that then triggers the automated task. For instance, a customer may make a submission to a website that then automatically triggers a set of tasks that are performed. Great automated systems will make decisions based on context that takes many factors into consideration. For instance, if it is detected that there is a server outage at a facility during the day, the appropriate response would be different than if there was a server outage in the middle of the night. The more scenarios that are considered, the more the appropriate action can be perfected to maximize the return on investment.

Implement IT Automation Where It Matters

It is critical to identify the specific needs of your organization before implementing an IT management automation system. You will need to think about the specific needs of your organization and how these needs can be met without manual human input. Areas in which IT automation can improve your profitability include:

  • lowering the rate of error: humans are more likely to make mistakes than automated systems
  • better compliance: humans are more likely to forget compliance issues
  • meantime-to-resolution: the amount of time that passes from when a problem arises to when a problem is resolved
  • effort reduction: less effort means that time and energy can be devoted to other tasks

The right IT automation solution is best developed by an IT management consultant firm that has experience in process automation. The sooner your company has your system perfected, the faster you will maximize your ROI. IT automation is never perfected, but regular improvements will make it increasingly more profitable. Contact a company like Mcglaun Consulting for more information.