About Taylor Dillston

Hello, my name is Taylor. I live in Alberta and have for my entire life. We used to get horrible phone, TV, and internet reception. That’s what happens when you live far from most good internet providers. Then we learned that fibre optics would be coming to our town. This seemed too good to be true: good internet at a cheap price in our remote location?

Since I couldn’t believe it, I decided to do my research. It turns out that it really is true! Fibre optics are helping provide great leaps and bounds in technology-especially with phone, television, internet, and other communication technologies. And it really is cheaper than most situations, too!

Now we’re enjoying our fast internet-which is allowing me to post this blog! I’ll be posting about other technological wonders on here, too. In my free time, I love spending time with my wife and kids. We like watching movies and playing board games. Of course, I don’t have much free time. I currently spend most of my time busy with work. I teach English to high schoolers, so most of my time is spent reading, preparing lessons, and grading. But luckily that is all easier now that I have faster internet thanks to fibre optics.