Using Fibre Optics

The main uses for fibre optics have already been mentioned on this blog: communication technologies. The ability to transfer information literally at the speed of light has been a tremendous leap for internet, television, and phone usage.


But why are fibre optics so perfect for this?

Saves Money and Power

Fibre optics are less expensive to make in the first place, as they don’t use copper. They use less energy, saving you and your company both power and money. In addition, being made by non-flammable materials, there is absolutely no fire danger with fibre options.

Takes Less Space

Fibre optics are so thin and lightweight that they are able to be bundled in larger quantities while still taking up less space than copper wires. The tiny size, combined with great flexibility, makes them perfect for use in cameras and other small electronics.

Better Signals

Because they can be bundled in larger quantities, fibre optics have a higher carrying capacity. More information can be carried through less physical space. And that information can be conveyed much more clearly. The fibre optics provide minimal interference and less signal degradation.

Other Uses

Outside of the communication realm, fibre optics are helping many other technologies-especially in digital imaging. As previously mentioned, the tiny fibres are perfect for use in digital cameras of all kinds. From the camera you use every day to high-tech medical imaging tools, it is even used in the cameras that are even used to inspect pipes, engines, and plumbing.

As people invent more and more uses of fibre optics, it will only become more and more prevalent in our lives. From fast internet to lots of data, fibre optics have already made their mark on society and will continue to do so. So watch out-your internet is just going to get faster and faster.